The Crazy Man

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    CDN “The Crazy Man”

    Author: Porter, Pamela

    Emmaline's life changes forever when she is injured in a farming accident. Her father leaves and her mother hires a worker from the local mental hospital. Not everyone in this small town approves.

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  • Marcy,11 (Toronto) This is an awesome book. It's about a girl named Emaline. Every day when she goes home she loves 2 ride on dad's tractor with her dog Prince. One day something terrible happens. Emaline gets injured, trying 2 save her dog, whom her dad shoots. After he kills the dog, he walks off, abandoning Emaline and her mom and their farm forever. Emaline never meets him again. well, now emaline's family needs someone 2 tend the farm, all that stuff. Enter Angus, the crazy man. He's a little lost, but very gentle and kind. Emaline then befriends him. What happens next in her life is a big unexepected thing...u'll have 2 read the book 2 find out. P.S: THIS BOOK IS WRITTEN IN POETRY FORM. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THAT, IT MAKES THE STORY EVEN BETTER!!!