Night of the Twisters

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    “Night of the Twisters”

    Author: Ruckman, Ivy

    When seven devastating tornadoes hit Nebraska and destroy his town, 12 year old Dan must use his wits to keep safe.

    Place Hold

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  • Dawn, 11 (Springfield) This book is the best book I have ever read!It is exciting to go to school every day last year ang figure out what would happen next to dan, aurthur,and all of aurthur's brothers and sisters.I recamend this book to anyone that likes excitement and action. It is a wonderful book that many people will read in the future and love as much as i did.4 stars

  • Eric, 11 (Lumberton) The book, Night of the Twisters, is Dan Hatch's account of the night seven tornadoes struck in a span of three hours. Dan, his baby brother, and his friend Arthur were alone in the house when the tragedy struck. Dan was babysitting and had to think fast to save his baby brother, and keep Arthur and himself safe. Trapped in the shower in the basement, they could hear glass breaking and the roof caving in. After the storm, after they survived what seemed like an eternity of nature's onslaught, they had to find their families in a town that was no longer there. All the landmarks were gone and it seemed that everyone was lost. This was a very good book. Dan telling the story made it easy to feel what he was feeling. I would suggest that everyone read this book so they can see what it is like to be in real danger in a storm. I enjoyed the happy ending, knowing that it was true, though was sad to learn that Mrs. Smiley had died in the year following the tornadoes. I hope I could be as brave as Dan should this ever happen to me. 4 stars