The Olden Days Coat

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    CDN “The Olden Days Coat”

    Author: Laurence, Margaret

    10-year-old Sal's family is spending Christmas at Gran's country home and Sal is not pleased. But when she receives an unexpected and magical gift, she discovers a new meaning to Christmas.

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  • Jannet, 13 (Edmonton) I thought this book was amazing. here i will give you a short summery.Rudy miller is a boy that has a verry negitive attitude about camp. him and his friend Mike Webster are always up to trouble. To see what will happen next youl have to read the book. its a book you wont take your eyes off of if someone offers you chocolatte cake or a like long supply of candy! I totaly recommend this book. Infact now that i'm finnished reading it i miss Rudy attitude and i'm thinking about a seccond reading of this book. Trust me you will love it! 5 stars