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    Super Crabby Chase

    Avoid becoming a Crab Cake for hungry sharks! Score points by finding precious pearls.

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    Jungle Boat

    Navigate down the banks of a raging river! Avoid the gators and collect eggs for points.

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    Agent 009 & the Vaults of Knowledge

    Team up with Agent 009 to unravel the mysteries within the Vaults of Knowledge.

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    Emoto vs the Greeblies

    Help Emoto fight off the evil greeblies!

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    Flight of the Pterosaur

    Can you fly this crazy creature ?
    Can you keep from crashing? Can you help the Pterosaur collect the eggs but avoid the bombs and the evil big Pterodactyl ? The wind awaits you . . . good luck!

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    Book Pedaler

    Ride your bike to deliver the books as quickly as you can!

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    Use your word robot to drop the letters and solve the puzzle before you run out of power!

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    You have to concentrate hard for this game! Spot all of the matching animated Deweys as quickly as you can.



Giggles, Jokes, Laughs, and More!

  • KidsSpace kids send us great jokes all the time. Here are some of the best ones we just had to share with you. If you want to send us a joke too, go to the Your Say! page.

  • Q. Why was the math book sad?

    A. It had too many problems.

    Imaandeep, 8

  • Q. Why can't you give Elsa a balloon?

    A. Because she would let it go.

    Chivalry, 11

  • Q.What time is it when an elephant sits on your couch?

    A. Time to get a new couch!

    Jane, 10

  • Q. How many months have 19 days?

    A. All of the months have at least 19 days.

    themiz205, 11


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