Too Old to Trick or Treat

October 2018

Every year I see lots of kids come to my door for candy. Some have costumes bought at stores and others have costumes they obviously made at home. I like those the best but I know that you can't always do that. I always try to give out the same amount of candy but I have to admit sometimes I give out a little bit extra to a kid who has put in a lot of extra work & imagination into their costume.

Don't get me started on the mothers who leave their babies in the stroller on the sidewalk and come ringing my doorbell, claiming the candy is for the baby. Don't they know that babies shouldn't eat candy? Those mothers? I tell them to come back when the child is old enough to come walking up the steps on their own.

I also don't give candy to the teens who come with no costume at all. I ask them what they are supposed to be and they grunt and hold out their bag again. Sorry grunter. Next time put a little thought and effort into it, or admit that you are just too old to trick or tweet. And leave all the goodies to the kids who are the right age - whatever that is.

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