The Spirit of Giving

December 2018

The holiday season is upon us, and sadly, the meaning of it all can sometimes feel lost amid the shopping, preparation, and advertisements telling you what will make a "great gift" for someone you love (cell phones as stocking stuffers?!).

    Instead of buying a gift, maybe you can make, find, or do something special for someone? Here are a few thoughtful, inexpensive (or free) gift ideas:
  • Find a recipe and bake a favourite treat for someone special (extra points if you make sure it sticks to any dietary restrictions they might have!)
  • Print and frame a favourite photograph. You can even make the frame!
  • If you play an instrument or like to sing, you can practice and record someone's favourite song for them.
  • Make a craft or homemade card, and write something special inside.
  • Plan a fun activity you can all enjoy, like having a board game night, going ice-skating, cooking dinner together. Make it a new tradition!

Be creative and have fun. Holidays are about celebrating and spending time with the ones we love.

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