Road Trip

May 2017

For many people, long weekends mean long road trips so, since the Victoria Day long weekend is almost here, I've been thinking of some backseat-boredom-busters to make road trips more fun.

  1. Make a playlist - whether on your own or with your family, having a good line up of songs can make the drive more fun.
  2. Read something - one of the ways I pass the time in the car is with a good book or magazine.
  3. Listen to a book - a long road trip is a great opportunity to listen to an audio book. If you finish it on the way, talk about the book with the others in the car. Think of it as a book club on the go!
  4. Car games - Play the license plate game by keeping a lookout for interesting plates. Can you identify plates from different provinces? Different states?
  5. Art on the go - Feeling artistic? Bring along a sketchpad and draw, or pack a colouring book and some pencil crayons to pass the time.

When you really put your mind to it, the possibilities are endless. Hopefully these ideas will help make getting to the destination just as fun as the vacation itself!

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