Oh No! I Lost Another One

November 2018

Every winter I am sure that this time I will have the same mittens at the end of winter, that I had at the beginning of winter. But every winter I seem to lose a mitten, or glove, or scarf or hat. I try to take such good care of them but it always happens. I reach into my pocket and ...there is only one glove.

Last winter I had a very nice pair of green gloves. They were fuzzy and warm and I was determined to take very good care of them. And I did! From November until February and then I lost one. It fell out of my pocket or I lost it at the library or on the TTC. I checked, but I couldn't find it.
So this year I got a pair of bright red gloves. No way was I going to lose them. If one fell on the floor, I'd see it right away. I only got them 3 weeks ago. And guess what? Yep. One is already gone.

But it could be worse. I misplaced one green right hand glove last year and one red left hand glove this year. I think that this winter, I will just be very colourful.

That looks ok, don't you think? I'll look like I'm celebrating all the time. Well, until one goes missing!

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