Is It Possible to Read Too Much??

March 2018

All Alec wants to do is read. He loves to read. Any time, any place.
His parents and teachers are really happy about that, right? Who wouldn't be happy with a child who loves books?
But there is a problem. He reads during school when he should be listening to the teacher.
Or at home when he should be doing homework.
Or in gym when he should be playing ball.
Kent, who used to be a friend, is now a bit of a bully and taunts Alec calling him a bookworm. That shouldn't be an insult but somehow, when Kent says it, it is.

Because his parents no longer work from home, Alec has to go to "Extended Day Program" after school. He is looking forward to it. Three uninterrupted hours of reading! Except that it isn't. He has to play games or join a club and there is no reading club. Alec doesn't want to join a reading club anyway. Lots of kids sitting around talking about books? No thanks! He wants quiet and no interruptions. After a lot of thinking and checking the other kids, he finds a girl who wants the same as he does - a chance to read. And read, and read. So they start their own club. In order to keep all the other kids away from this, he names it the worse thing he can think of. The Losers Club.

But real life isn't like a story and things turn out quite differently than Alec expects. The Losers Club is written by Andrew Clements and is just as funny and real as you would expect if you have read any of his other books.

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