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January 2019

In 2007, Oxford published a new edition of their dictionary for kids, and something was frighteningly amiss. Around 50 words were dropped because they apparently weren't used often enough to merit a place in the junior dictionary any longer.

Some people may not care about a few words, but it was especially concerning that all of these words were connected to nature (acorn! dandelion! fern! willow!) and were replaced with other words, many of which explained aspects of modern technology.

Luckily, people noticed. In 2018, a new book came out called The Lost Words. Inside, you'll find some of the words the dictionary removed, along with beautiful illustrations, poems, and "spells" to help us bring them back into our vocabulary and to enrich our understanding of the natural world around us.

Yes, things are changing. We might want to look up the definition of words like "broadband", "celebrity", or "voicemail". But we also need words like "almond", "crocus", "kingfisher", and "raven". The Earth needs our help. How do we protect what we do not know?

Read the book, chant the spells, feel the magic of nature as we help breathe it back to life with words.

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