Brr, It's Cold Outside!

February 2018

Some days this winter have been colder than others - but we know that it's the season and there will be some days when we just won't be able to leave our homes. Think you'll be bored? Not if I can help it! Here are some activities to consider if you're avoiding the chilly weather:

  • Bake: If there's a grown up at home who can help, why not try your hand at baking some cookies? If you're feeling adventurous maybe try a cake. If you're not sure where to start we've got some books for you, including some you can download.
  • Family Game Day: Do you have any board games lying around? Whip them out and challenge your family to bring their A-game.
  • Moviethon: Ask your grown-ups if you can have a friend over and plan a movie marathon. If you don't have your favourite movie at home there's a good chance we have it! (We have thousands of DVDs at the library!) Or watch it through Hoopla.
  • Read: Think you've read everything good and there's nothing left for you? Then check out our new books - we've got quite a few. We've also got booklists by genre/category for you.

Stay warm, friends

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