Sept. 2017

A few months ago, I was asked to cat-sit my friend's cats. She was going away for a couple of weeks, and her three (yes, three!) cats needed a home during that time. I love cats, so I agreed to help her out. Her cats turned out to be very friendly, and I loved having them around.

After they went back home, I was left with a big, cat-shaped hole in my life. So I decided to contact the Humane Society about fostering a pet. Since I'm not quite ready to commit to a pet forever, I thought that fostering would be a good option for me.
Just a few weeks later, I got to pick up Baxter, a grey and white cat. He was very shy, and very scared at first. But after a while, he started to really come out of his shell. Now, he greets me enthusiastically every day when I wake up, and whenever I come home. He loves belly rubs, and he often lies down on top of my feet so I can't move!

Right now, he is just my foster cat, but it's getting harder and harder to imagine giving Baxter away. I just may have to adopt him! Could you give up this furball?

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