Service Update

We continue to recover from a cybersecurity incident that disrupted all library systems and technology. As a result, using the library is a little different right now.

Please note that Intellisearch staff have limited access to electronic resources at the moment.

What can IntelliSearch do for you?

Intellisearch staff can search for the information you need using the Library's print, microform and electronic resources. Historical and current resources include:

  • Arthur Conan Doyle Collection
  • Baldwin Collection of Canadiana
  • Business, Science and Technology Collections
  • Chinese Canadian Archive
  • Government Publications
  • Humanities & Social Sciences Collections
  • Languages & Literature Collections
  • Local History & Genealogy Collections
  • Special Collections in the Arts
  • Toronto Star Newspaper Room and Photograph Archive

For information not available in the Library, we can attempt to locate additional resources.

Please review the fee schedule and enter your request using the form below.

IntelliSearch Fee Schedule

Schedule of Fees for Research Services Using IntelliSearch
Type of Service Fee Charged
Research Service Minimum charge of $25 with an hourly rate of $100. Access copyright licence fees, database supplier, and/or delivery charges may be applied
Rush Service $25.00 to be added to Research Service fee
Fax Service $7.00 flat fee (5-25 pages)
$15.00 flat fee (over 25 pages)

Time is billed in 15-minute increments.

Monetary or time restrictions may be placed on a project.

In addition to the time spent searching, you will be charged for time required for retrieving and returning items as well as preparing materials to be sent.

You will be billed for search time even if the information/image requested is not found.

Payment methods include: credit card; money order (international, if you reside outside of Canada).

Contact information

Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.