Library Impact Ontario

The Vision

That every Ontarian deserves convenient local access to technology they want and need and the comfort and confidence to use it so they can access economic, educational, social, health and civic opportunities to achieve prosperity, advancement and overall well-being.

Library Impact Ontario

Your library makes an impact
We help you demonstrate it.

Library Impact Ontario is an initiative that brings together Ontario public libraries to leverage data analytics, insights and training in order to advocate for the impact their digital services have on communities.

Developed by Toronto Public Library, a trusted industry leader in digital equity and inclusion, Library Impact Ontario helps libraries:

Together, libraries make the difference.

More about us

The Library Impact Ontario 2024 registration is currently open. We will be hosting two information sessions to learn more:

Library Impact Ontario consists of a suite of free services. Subscribe to Bridge and take on as much or as little of our services, depending on your library's needs.

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What is Library Impact Ontario?
Library Impact Ontario is a suite of free services, including measurement toolkits, educational workshops and collective advocacy support that help libraries across Ontario make informed decisions about the services they provide, gain direct insights into community needs, and maximize evidence-based advocacy for financial security.
Why should I register?
  • Our services help you collect, analyze and report the positive impact your technology is having on the well-being, development and confidence of your library customers.
  • Our services help you understand the relationship between your library and the services you offer.
  • Our services highlight the vital role libraries play within the communities they serve.
  • Our services empower you to make informed decisions about the technology services you provide, fostering continuous improvement of these services and advancing digital equity.
  • Our services extend your reach and connect you to ‘like' libraries to identify gaps and leverage data to increase your service offerings by tapping into collective comparable data.
  • The more libraries that register, the better our data. The better the data, the more we're able to demonstrate the collective impact we are having.
  • Our services provide maximum benefits to your library with minimal effort and time through advanced automated features and support that do most of the work for you.
  • It's free! It's flexible & supportive. It's authoritative and accessible.
I'm not that knowledgeable about data. Is this complicated?
Library Impact Ontario is straightforward and practical. These services are developed by libraries for libraries. Regardless if you're a small library system or a large one, a data novice or a full deep-dive data expert, Library Impact Ontario can help you help your customers. Customize our services to get what's most relevant to you. And our workshops and tools can help build data confidence in your library staff, regardless of their expertise.
I registered for the Bridge Project. Is this different?
No. Our services were previously referred to as the Bridge Project, but it was a confusing name, as Bridge Toolkit is a service within the project. The name Library Impact Ontario better describes the full suite of services available to libraries - and the collective impact their services have on the communities they serve.
Who's behind Library Impact Ontario?
Library Ontario is developed by Toronto Public Library, a trusted library leader in digital equity and inclusion.
I have more questions. Who should I contact?

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Sepideh Mckensy
Senior Services Specialist (Library Impact Ontario, Bridge Toolkit & Data Solutions)

Policy, Planning and Performance Management
Toronto Public Library