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We are launching an extended hours pilot program at Swansea and Todmorden Room branches in the Summer of 2018.

How the pilot program will work

What is the extended open hours pilot program?
The extended open hours pilot aims to increase community access to library services and collections through efficient, cost-effective measures at two library branches, Swansea and Todmorden Room. The pilot program introduces card access outside of regular library hours at these two small branches. These branches are open for 28 hours per week, the lowest number of open hours of our 100 branches across the city.
What services will be offered?
The pilot will expand self-service options when the library isn't open, such as holds pick-up, library material lending and returns, access to computers and wifi.
How will the pilot program impact staffing levels?
The extended hours pilot project will not impact staffing levels. The hours of service that library staff are currently providing will not change. TPL staff will continue to be present at these two branches for existing core hours every day the library is open. For extended hours, TPL staff at other branches will provide remote support.
Have safety considerations been taken into account?

Yes, the safety of staff and customers is always central to any service we offer. Both pilot locations are located within community centres and will only be open during community centre hours, and also only during open hours of other library branches.

We will have video surveillance to ensure effective real-time monitoring and communication that supports easy and seamless connection of library customers and staff when needed. There will be customer card access during the pilot.

When will the pilot begin?
The pilot will begin in the Summer of 2018 for one year. We are still in the planning stages and will be sharing updates as we get them, and will also be looking to staff, customers and our community partners for ongoing feedback as we test the pilot.