Let's Learn Tech Online

Introductory Online Courses for Technology Skills

These free, interactive, and self-paced online courses from Cisco Networking Academy, including the Skills for All learning platform, will introduce you to important technology concepts and help you develop the skills necessary to participate in the modern workforce.

If you are interested in taking these courses with other learners and our staff facilitators, check out the Let's Learn Tech learning circles.

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What You Need

How to Enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know anything about computers or the internet. Can I take these courses?
There are no prerequisites to these courses but learners are expected to have good understanding of computers and the internet.
How many courses can I take?
There is no limit to the number of courses you can take, and you can take a course as many times as you need in order to complete it.
Do I need a library card to take these courses?

If you are self-enrolling in these courses, you will not require a Toronto Public Library card. You will only require a valid library card if you would like to join an online Let's Learn Tech Learning Circle.

For information on how to get a library card, see Your Library Card. If you already have a card, or have had a library card in the past, but are not sure if it is still active, visit Expired Library Cards or Lost Library Card for more information.

How do the courses work?
Courses consist of content modules, assessments (e.g. quizzes) and an end of course feedback form. Some courses include hands-on assignments and lab exercises. If you have a question during a class, you can email networkingacademy@tpl.ca. You can continue accessing all course materials but you cannot submit assignments, quizzes or exams after the course ends.
How to get started on a course?

For Linux Unhatched, Linux Essentials, JavaScript Essentials 1, C++ Essentials, and Python Essentials you will see a button to launch course module after you enroll in the course. You can also log on to your account and start the course by clicking on the course title under the I'm Learning tab.

For all other courses on the Skills for All platform, if you are already signed into your account, simply click on the green “Get Started” button on the course landing page. Otherwise, sign into your account, then click on the My Learning tab at the top and click on the course you would like to start working through.

Can I drop a course part way through?
Please contact networkingacademy@tpl.ca for assistance.
Is technical support available?
You can email us at networkingacademy@tpl.ca and we will respond to you within 3 business days. Technical requirements for each course are listed on the enrollment page.
Can I use Let's Learn Tech courses on a library computer?
Course modules can be accessed on a library computer. Some courses, such as Introduction to Cybersecurity and Introduction to IoT, have lab sessions that involve installing additional applications and cannot be completed on a library computer.
Does the library provide the software covered by the Let's Learn Tech courses?
No, however all software used in Let's Learn Tech courses is open-source or has free trial versions available. Details of individual software requirements can be found in course modules.
How can I get help with the courses?
Email us at networkingacademy@tpl.ca with your questions.