Copyright & Licences

Public Domain

Images identified as "Public Domain" in the Digital Archive and Digital Archive Ontario may be reproduced in print or electronic format for any purpose (including personal, educational, research, commercial and marketing).

A credit line, "Courtesy of Toronto Public Library" is appreciated.

High-resolution public domain digital images are available for purchase from the Library's reproduction service.


For images identified as under "Copyright" in the Digital Archive and Digital Archive Ontario, it is the user's obligation to determine and satisfy copyright, or other use restrictions (such as donor restrictions, privacy rights, publicity rights, licencing and trademarks).

Toronto Star Photograph Archive Licence

Images identified as from the Toronto Star Photograph Archive collection and identified as under “Copyright” are licenced by TPL from Toronto Star Newspapers Limited, and are intended for personal, educational, and research use only. Unless marked "Public Domain", the Toronto Star retains copyright for these materials. If copyrighted material from the Toronto Star Photograph Archive is to be published or used in for editorial, commercial merchandise or marketing purposes, please contact for permission. You may be directed to a third party for licencing purposes, at the Toronto Star’s discretion.