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Revd Alexander Gale

Revd Alexander Gale


Inscribed on the stone, 1.1.: From a Daguerreotype by A. Hoehnisch.; 1.r.: Schenck & McFarlane, Lithrs. Edinburgh.; 1.r.: Yours most faithfully / Alx Gale; b.: REVD ALEXANDER GALE / First Presbyterian Minister of Hamilton - Canada West / OBT. 6. APRIL 1854. AET: 54. Alexander Gale (1800?-1854), Presbyterian minister, was the first principal of the Toronto Academy. JRR(1912) 483

Rights and Licenses

Public Domain


Lithograph on wove paper


220 x 146 mm. (with text); sheet 251 x 191 mm

Call Number / Accession Number

JRR 245 Cab II