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Robert Edwards, 1823-1858 Open in full size

Robert Edwards, 1823-1858

Picture, 1859, English

Robert Edwards, 1823-1858

Picture, 1859, English


Inscribed in red oil paint, l.l.: Maurice Polak 59. Framer's label of Mackenzie & Co., Toronto, dated April 1915, in Accession File (formerly laid down stretcher vso u.c.). Edwards was secretary of the Toronto Mechanics' Institute from 1848 until his death in 1858. The JRR Catalogue states that after his death this portrait was subscribed for by the members of the Institute. Acc. B 9-47c is a photograph, 190-? of the painting. Neg. showing painting before 1984/1985 conservation: T 15023. JRR(1912) 521.. September 1983, Rev. December 1985

Rights and Licenses

Public Domain


Oil on canvas


917 x 764 mm


Gift of J. Ross Roberson


Toronto Reference Library


Baldwin Collection

Call Number / Accession Number

JRR 360 Fra