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Bricks Challenge! with Young Engineers


Thu Apr 19, 2018
4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
90 mins


Program Room

Are you up to the challenge? The Young Engineers Bricks Challenge is offering a FREE workshop that uses Lego to study STEM concepts. At this workshop, learn about the lever principle ? fulcrums, force arms, load arms, and torque ? while building with Lego bricks!

For children ages 7-10.

Spaces in this program are limited. Please register in advance to guarantee a spot. Registration can be done in person or by calling 416-393-7783. Drop-in spaces may be available if the program is not full.

The Young Engineers Bricks Challenge program is composed of 38 weekly classes lasting 75 minutes each which involve the application of a STEM concept (e.g. gear transmission) through the construction of a different motorized Lego model every week (e.g. helicopter). The goal is to present STEM concepts, especially the highly effective hands-on component, in such a way that hundreds of children are themselves able to experience how amazing the STEM fields can be.

For more information about the Young Engineers Bricks Challenge program, please visit or contact Richard by emailing or calling 647-378-0897.