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Web Design Series (I - VII)


6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. on recurring dates listed below
120 mins

Hyper Text Markup Language, or HTML, does more than just display buttons, comments and photos of cats: HTML allows people, computers and search engines to better understand the content on the page and link to even more content!

After learning about the history of HTML and exploring the Markdown language, we will use a plain text editor (the easiest piece of software on your computer) to create a simple web page with content, hyperlinks and images.

In the second part we will style and customize our existing HTML web pages using Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS. We will talk about the differences between HTML and CSS syntax and talk about how to format your pages into unique works of art.

In the third class, we will enhance their previously made web pages with more advanced HTML elements and CSS styles. We will introduce the concept of classes to identify specific HTML elements and will use more advanced CSS techniques to stylize our page and make a professional looking navigation bar. We will also be taking our first look at creating external style sheets.

In the fourth class, we will take their skills one step farther by finally creating and linking together more than one web page. We will use a template to fill in 3 more pages, link these together to make a fully functioning website, and add further HTML elements such as tables and forms. To end things off we will even dive into the world of media queries to make our website responsive on other devices.

In the fifth class, we will take our first look into the scripting world of JavaScript. We will start with JS syntax, talk about some common JS commands, talk about the importance of the browser DOM, and write some example JS scripts to practice.

In the sixth class we will re-visit the website we made and we'll add some extra functionality and responsiveness using our knowledge of basic JavaScript commands. We will see how to use JavaScript to change how elements on our page act and how to use scripting to make our page react to users on the fly.

In the seventh class we will add even more JavaScript functionality to our webpages, finalizing the look and feel of our pages with automated elements and event handlers, enhancing the user experience of our site.

For more information and to register (after Dec 21) for each part, visit:

Web Design I: HTML for Beginners
Web Design II: CSS for Beginners
Web Design III: Advanced HTML and CSS
Web Design IV: Multipage Websites
Web Design V: JavaScript for Beginners
Web Design VI: Adding Advanced CSS and JavaScript to Web Pages
Web Design VII: Adding More Advanced JavaScript Functionality

Prior to the class, participants will need to download and install Brackets onto their personal computers. This workshop will take place online using Crowdcast, a free web-based video conferencing application.

Registration is limited and specific instructions including information about software installation will be sent to the registrants one day prior to the class.

Toronto Public Library is committed to accessibility. Please call or email us if you have a request for accommodation. Please let us know as far in advance as possible and we will do our best to meet your request. Phone 416-393-7099 or email


Adult • Teen


Computer & Library Training

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Thu Jan 28
Tue Feb 02