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A Room of Your Own - An Interactive Book Club for Teen Girls


Fri Oct 25, 2019
12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
90 mins


Lillian H. Smith

A Room of Your Own is an interactive book club targeted primarily at teen girls (13-18 years of age) of all races and ethnic backgrounds, allowing them to express their curiosity, ambitions, hopes and frustrations. It is a forum to share fun, feelings, and opinions with their peers and favourite authors. The chief objectives of the book club are to have fun, and give teen girls what they need (and not what adults think they want).

This fully interactive book club for teenage girls will discuss all subject matters that pertain to being young and maturing into adulthood via the standards and pressures of society today. This unique and innovative book club will choose a teen novel every month and discuss the subject matters and their relevance to teen girls. This book club will not be intimidated by any subject matter! We will have the author present along with a specialist in the particular area of field that we are discussing. The novel will be a doorway into the lives of teen girls of all backgrounds.

***Participants must have a parental photo/video permission form signed. Forms can be picked up at the Lillian H. Smith Library Information Desk.


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