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Tea and Entertainment


2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. on recurring dates listed below
120 mins


North York Central Library

Every Friday enjoy a wide variety of films followed by refreshments in the auditorium. For more information, call the Language, Literature and Fine Arts Department at 416-395-5639.

January 4
The Brain: Who is in Control?
Our brain controls everything we do. Our unconscious mind is hard wired to automate many of these things so we can do them without thinking. Is this always a good thing? Do we have free will? 60 minutes. 2015.

January 11
Incredible Journeys of the World: Venice to the Nile
Board the Orient Express and enjoy its splendor as you travel from Paris to Venice. Then journey to the ancient city of Pompeii, a city preserved by the volcanic lava of Mt Vesuvius. Finally float along the Nile and visit the ancient towns and temples left by the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. The modern experience of each place acts as a gateway into its history.. 60 minutes. 2014

January 18
Animal Reunions
Can people build relationships with wild animals? What happens when animals and humans who have formed a strong bond are separated and then reunited after several years? Will the animal recognize their old friends? Can animals feel love like we do? 60 minutes. 2016

January 25
Ben Franklin?s Balloons
Human flight began long before the Wright Brothers. In 1783, the Montgolfier brothers amazed the world by lifting off in the world?s first hot air balloon. This film explores the excitement of that time and follows scientists as they recreate the original paper and canvas experiment.60 minutes. 2014

February 1
Ultimate Scandinavia: Denmark and Sweden
Megan McCormick explores Copenhagen and participates in a traditional Viking festival, then visits Christiana, Europe?s largest commune. From there, she crosses the Oresund bridge to Stockholm, Sweden where she takes in Nimis, a gigantic wooden sculpture. In Tvarno. she visits the Swedish countryside and then finishes her trip in Stockholm, home of ABBA, Alfred Nobel and tennis champion Bjorn Borg. 60 minutes 2007.

February 8
Secrets of Her Majesty?s Secret Service
Her Majesty?s Secret Service, MI6, made famous by James Bond, is not the glamorous agency portrayed in the movies. Over the last 100 years it has changed and grown more vital and more dangerous for those working behind the scenes. Interviews with retired spies reveal fascinating accounts of past betrayals and successes from before WW2 to modern day. 60 minutes.2014.

February 15
Pets Wild at Heart: Secretive Creatures
Pets use many ways to communicate with each other that are completely unseen by humans. Can goldfish can recognize their owners? Why do horses develop just a few close friends during their lives? How do dogs learn to be part of a group? How do cats flirt? These are just a few of the many secrets you will discover in this film. 60 minutes.2015.

February 22
Building Wonders. Colosseum: Rome?s Death Trap
Nova explores the reasons and the methods behind the building of the Colosseum by the ancient Romans. How did they flood the stadium with enough water to hold a naval battle in the morning and then drain it in time for an afternoon of gladiators battles? Why did they build the first amphitheatre in an oval shape? Modern scientists are still learning new engineering techniques from the genius of the ancients .60 minutes. 2015




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