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Tuesday Docs - History, Mystery and Discoveries


2:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. on recurring dates listed below
75 mins


Toronto Reference Library
Hinton Learning Theatre

Join us every Tuesday afternoon at 2pm for a selection of thoughtful, engaging, and entertaining documentaries. Drop-in, no registration required.

For more information, contact the Humanities and Social Sciences Department, at the Toronto Reference Library, 416-393-7175.

Please, note that the program is subject to change, and will be updated continuously.

November 6 - Garbo the Spy: The Nazis dubbed him Alaric, the Allies called him Garbo. In reality, Pujol was a double agent, and his final allegiance was to the Allies. (2009, 93 min.)

November 13 - Albert Schweitzer: Called to Africa. The story of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, one of the great humanitarians of the 20th century and a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in healing the sick and injured in Africa. (2006, 52 min.)

November 20 - Chiefs, the Trial of Poundmaker: The saga of five great First Nations Chiefs - Sitting Bull, Pontiac, Joseph Brant, Black Hawk and Poundmaker, this trial forms a central drama in the history of the North American continent. (2002, 47 min.)

November 27 - Self(less) Portrait : 50 people reveal some of their most intimate thoughts on camera, discussing a multitude of subjects ranging from the funny to the heartbreaking. (2014, 98 min.)

December 4 - The Pleasures of Being/ Out of Step: Nat Hentoff is an enduring voice who championed jazz as an artform and was present at the creation of alternative journalism in America. (2013, 86 min.)

December 11 - How William Shatner Changed the World: Join Captain Kirk of "Star Trek" as he takes a light-hearted look at how the USS Enterprise inspired the world of science and technology today. (2006, 85 min.)

December 18 - Impossible Light: the 8-million-dollar lighting of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco 2013 seemed an impossible feat, but not for daring artist Leo Villareal. (2014, 69 min.)




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