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Tea and Entertainment


2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. on recurring dates listed below
120 mins


North York Central Library

Every Friday enjoy a wide variety of films followed by refreshments in the auditorium. For more information, call the Language, Literature and Fine Arts Department at 416-395-5639.
Note there will not be a program on Friday, September 21.

October 26
Charlie and the Curious Otters
Otters are elusive playful and intelligent animals who are equally adept at hunting underwater as they are at hunting for food in the forests. Wildlife filmmaker Charlie Hamilton follows three loveable orphaned river otter pups and films them as they learn to swim and hunt. 60 mins. 2017

November 2
Himalayan Megaquake
In April 2015, a devastating earthquake rocked Nepal, setting off landslides and avalanches that demolished villages in the Himalayas and killed thousands of people. Will it happen again? What can be done to save lives next time? 60 mins. 2015

November 9
Switzerland's Amazing Train Rides
Experience the majesty of the Swiss Alps like never before. Starting in Zurich Jeff Wilson travels by high-tech train, climbs aboard death-defying cable cars, cog trains and more as he explores Switzerland. Moving from the mountain peaks of the Matterhorn to the valleys of Lugano, he criss-crosses charming villages and modern cities on his adventure. 60 mins. 2014

November 16
How we Got to Now: Light
Light has transformed our lives. The early candle extended the length of our days, flash photography revealed areas of the world beyond our experience, neon created dazzling signs and billboards and finally lasers and fibre optics carried information and became the basis of the internet. Imagine what new innovations are still to be revealed using light technology? 60 mins. 2014

November 23
Memory Hackers
While once we believed that memory was like a tape recorder recording our lives, scientists now know that this is not the case. Our memories can be altered by medications to erase phobias or they can be implanted with false narratives. As we learn ways to change our memories we must ask if we are ready. 60 mins. 2016

November 30
Giraffes: Africa's Gentle Giants
Graceful giraffes can survive in harsh desert conditions, even without water, but they face far greater hazards from humans. As their numbers in Africa fall by forty percent, scientists are doing their best to study and protect them. What can be done to change this trend? 60 mins. 2016

December 7
Amazing Secrets of our World: Natural Wonders
Explore the dark secret worlds that lie below the ground. From a frozen lost lake to an underground salt cave to an entire lost city, many beautiful and frightening places are revealed.
56 mins. 2015

December 14
Ruta 40 Argentina: The Andes
Join Globe Trekker Zay Harding as he travels along Route 40 through the northern Andes, past miles of salt flats, pre-Columbian ruins and a high altitude museum with some of the best preserved mummies in the world.Journey past prehistoric parks with their fossils and on to the Valley of the Moon that feels like another planet.Stargaze from inside the astronomical observatory, visit the wine region of Mendoza province and finish next to the tallest mountain in South America. 60 mins. 2015

December 21
Moose: Life of a Twig Eater
Filmed mostly in Alberta's Jasper National Park, cameraman, Hugo Kitching, follows a mother moose and her baby calf for a full year. Because of their trust in him, he is able to document the calf?s daily struggles to survive. This struggle is increasing in difficulty for all baby moose and is bringing about a steep decline in their numbers. 60 mins. 2016




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