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John Cummer House Open in full size

John Cummer House

Picture, 1955,

John Cummer House

Picture, 1955,


Lot 21, Con. 1 west. Cummer House on north west corner of Finch Avenue and Yonge Street. The house was built in 1819 by John Cummer, and torn down in 1959, only four years after the photo was taken. John was the eldest son of Jacob Cummer, one of the first pioneers to settle North York—arriving in the late 18th century. John operated his father’s sawmill on the East Don River, and acquired Lot 21, Con. 1 west in 1819. John was elected to the Legislative Assembly as a Reformer in 1834. Though he was friends with Mackenzie, he chose not to take part in the 1837 Rebellion. He was nonetheless arrested on suspicion in this house on December 8 of that year.

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