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The Water-fall of Niagara (c. 1750) Open in full size

The Water-fall of Niagara (c. 1750)

Picture, 1794, English

The Water-fall of Niagara (c. 1750)

Picture, 1794, English


Another impression X 76-11; col. with watercolour, gouache and border in black ink (concealing inscription t.) on laid paper; mounted on four layers of laid paper; 237 x 390; 245 (trimmed b., losing all inscriptions) x 405; 248 x 411 mm.
Inscribed in the plate, l.l.: R Hancock fecit; b. left: The Waterfall of Niagara-This most surprizing Cataract of Nature is 137 feet high / & it's breadth about 360 Yards. The Island in the middle is about 420 Yards long, & 40 Yards broad, at it's lower End. The Water, / on it's approaching the said Island, becomes so rapid, as almost to exceed an Arrow in swiftness 'till it comes to the Fall; / where it reascends into the Air, foaming as white as Milk, & all in Motion like a boiling Cauldron: Its Noise may be / heard 15 Leagues off, & in Calm Weather, it's Vapours rise a great hight into the Air, & may be seen like thick smoak at 30 Miles distance.; b. right: La Cascade de Niagara-Cette Surprenante Chute d'Eau est haute de 137 Pieds, et large d'environ / 360 Verges L'Isle qui est dans le millieu a 420 Verges de Longueur, sur 40 de Largeur sur sa Fin. L'Eau, en approchant / la ditte Isle, devient si rapide, qu'elle L'emporte presque sur la Vivacite d'une Fleche, jusqu'a cequelle arive a sa Chute; / ou elle remonte bien haut dans lTAir avec une Ecume blanche, comnme du Lait, et toute en Movuement comme une Chaudiere bouillante; / on peut en entendre le Bruit a 15 Lieues de distance, et dans un Tems calme ses Vapeur s'elevent fort dans l'Air, et paroipent comme / une Fum
cf.JRR(1912) 455


Laurie and Whittle, London

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Public Domain


Etching, watercolour and gouache on laid paper. Laid down on cardboard


237 x 390; sheet (trimmed to within plate-mark except at b.) 257 x 393 mm


Kalm, Pehr, Swedish, 1716 N.S.-1779, after

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JRR 1262 Cab II