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Jennings' Distillery (London, Ontario) Open in full size

Jennings' Distillery (London, Ontario)

Jennings' Distillery (London, Ontario)


A photomechanical reproduction of the view appears in Archibald Bremner, City of London, 2nd ed., 1900, p. 40, b., with caption: JENNINGS' DISTILLERY, 1840, FOOT OF MAPLE STREET. / From a painting by the late James Hamilton, kindly loaned by Geo. B. Harris.
Photograph keyed in red gouache, c.l.. to c.r., from 1 to 5; Key in JRR Catalogue. Framing number inscribed in pencil, mount vso c.: 3118

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Public Domain


Photograph, col. with watercolour, of watercolour

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JRR 1443 Cab