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Plan of the Principal Story, Provincial Lunatic Asylum (Toronto) Open in full size

Plan of the Principal Story, Provincial Lunatic Asylum (Toronto)

Picture, 1849, English

Plan of the Principal Story, Provincial Lunatic Asylum (Toronto)

Picture, 1849, English


Inscribed in the print, u.c.: PLAN OF THE PRINCIPAL STORY / PROVINCIAL LUNATIC ASYLUM / J.G. HOWARD, ARCHITECT,; l.l.: Scobie & Balfour, Lith. Toronto.
Plan keyed in the print, A - X (the upper of two "O"s in error for "Q"). An impression of the letterpress "REFERENCE TO THE PLANS" is bound at the back of Henry Scadding, Toronto of Old, Toronto, 1878, BR 971.354.S17.l1 copy 3. Scale, l.c., c.l:960. Accs. B 8-61e & f are two more impressions of the image, one above the other on a single sheet. Accs. B 8-60f & g are south and north views respectively of the asylum, after Howard. Howard's diary (MS Collection, Howard, J.G., Papers, section II, vol. VI) states, 10 February 1846 "to Mr Scobie about he Lithographing the views of the Asylum"; 28 September 1846 "Mr Ewart & Johnstone came about lithographing the perspective view of the Asylum"; 11 January 1847 "at perspective view of Asylum on wood till 1/2 past 2 then took Do to shew the Engraver also ground Plan & description"; (in Archives of Ontario, Howard, J.G., Diary, as transcribed in The Journal of John George Howard, ed. Shirley G. Morriss, 1986, vol. 7) 10 October 1849 "to Mr Scobies to get letttered description of the Asylum printed". See also 1. from TORONTO/HOSPITALS/ONTARIO HOSPITAL (TORONTO)

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Public Domain


Lithograph on wove paper; l.r. image (1 of 4, all the same image) printed on same support surface as Accs. B 8-61a, b & c. Right half (i.e. Accs. B 8-61b & d) of sheet laid down on album page.


Single image 131 x 207; four images 276 x 429; sheet 285 x 447 mm.


Howard, John George, (1803-1890)


Toronto Reference Library


Baldwin Collection

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B 8-61d