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Inscribed in pencil, l.l.: F. H. Granger. 1854. Mount keyed in pen & ink, l.l. to l.r.: 1/5/2/3/4/6/7/8. Inscribed in pen & ink, mount b.: Foot of King Street, Niagara, U.C., 1839, from the Land. Drawn by F.M. Grainger.; mount l.l. (key): (1) "Gleaner; (2.-3) Oates' Tavern; / (4) Guard Hse; (5) Mrs. Elliott's Hse.; l.r.: (6) Andrew Heron's Hse; / (7.-8) Dugdale's Soap Factory.
Pen & ink drawing by Owen Staples?, 189? Cf. drawing of similar subject by F.H. Granger (D 2-60b).

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Pen & ink drawing


138 x 263 mm


Toronto Reference Library


Baldwin Collection

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D 2-56a