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An Historic House near Chatham, Ontario, 1904? Open in full size

An Historic House near Chatham, Ontario, 1904?

An Historic House near Chatham, Ontario, 1904?


Inscribed in pencil, vso (trimmed): (Grist Mi[...] / [...]he corporation of Chatham. / [...] McGregor succeeded Thomas ["Thomas" inserted] Clark as mill owner / [...] The mill was situated on the north bank ["north bank" inserted] MCGregor creek / [...] south west of this building. The first mill was / [...] by the Indians before 1812. / [...] McGregor re-built his mill and operated it for / [..]y years. His son Duncan had control in 1825 / Thomas Clarks mill was operated in 1795.
Probably after a photo-mechanical reproduction of a photograph in The Planet Souvenir Edition, Chatham, 1904, p. 18, bottom: Building on McGregor's farm where the First Mail was Distributed and the First Courts Held. Text is on pp. 3-4

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Public Domain


Watercolour over pencil on cardboard.


148 x 198 mm.


Toronto Reference Library


Baldwin Collection

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JRR 3350