Scarborough Heights, near Toronto Open in full size

Scarborough Heights, near Toronto

Scarborough Heights, near Toronto


Inscribed in black oil paint, l.l.: M Hannaford; In pen and dark greyish brown ink, on paper label (now in Acc. File) probably formerly laid down on dust cover: Scarborough Heights / near Toronto, Canada. / Painted by / Michael Hannaford.
OSA 'Catalogue of...Sale...December 15', 1883, no. 59, is Hannaford's "Scarboro' Heights; OSA 1884 no. 87 is an oil by him, "Scarboro' Heights...$50".
Scarborough Heights was the area around Kingston Rd. and Beech Ave.

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Public Domain


Oil on commercial board


220 x 332 mm


Toronto Reference Library


Baldwin Collection

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989-12 Fra