City of Toronto and Liberties. Open in full size

City of Toronto and Liberties.

City of Toronto and Liberties.


>[ Signature ]: by J.G. Chewett, Surveyor General's Office, 24th June 1834. [ Signature ]: S.P. Hurd, S.G.
Map shows area from the waterfront north to the top of the 1st concession and from Lot 1 to the Humber River. It shows the city limits as well as some subdivisions north of the city limits. Also, shows an area reserved from a proposed addition to the city (near the Garrison). Fire wards are shown: St. Patrick's, St. George's, St. David's, St. Lawrence, St. Andrew's. Map of the city includes public buildings and wharves.

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Public Domain


Manuscript, colour; mounted on linen; incomplete.


65 x 110 cm


Hurd, Samuel Proudfoot (1793-1853)


Toronto Reference Library


Baldwin Collection

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