Portrait of Tecumtha (c. 1808) Open in full size

Portrait of Tecumtha (c. 1808)

Picture, 1915, English

Portrait of Tecumtha (c. 1808)

Picture, 1915, English


Letter press (not included in the platinum print) below wood engraving: TECHUMTHA.
Lossing writes, in notes on pp. 189 & 283, that LeDru was a young French trader whose pencil sketch, c. 1808, was in the possession of his son at Quebec in 1848 when Lossing copied it. The head only is after Le Dru: "The cap was red, the band ornamented with colored porcupines' quills, and in front was a single eagle's feather, black, with a white tip." The uniform and medal are after a rough drawing Lossing saw in Montreal in 1858, made by an unknown artist in 1812 at Amherstburg. The drawing "did not pretend to give a true likeness of the chief, and was valuable only as a delineation of his costume."
Tecumseh (Tech-kum-thai; c. 1768-1813), Shawnee chief, supported the British in the War of 1812.
The wood engraving first appeared in Lossing's "Scenes in the War of 1812" in Harper's New Monthly Magazine, New York, May 1863, p. 733.
Water colour attributed to Owen Staples and with mat window opening indicated by pencil border, of wood engaving in Lossing's The Pictoria Field-Book of the War of 1812, New York, Harper & Brothers, 1868, p. 283 (probably the impression in Toronto Public Library's copy 2) Laid down on light olive grey card board

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Platinum print, coloured with water colour.


215 x 176 mm.


Gift of J. Ross Robertson


Harper & Brothers, Le Dru, Pierre, fl. 1808 photograph after, Staples, Owen 1866-1849


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