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Red River Cart Train Open in full size

Red River Cart Train

Picture, 1862, English

Red River Cart Train

Picture, 1862, English


Inscribed in pencil, vso right: Red River cart train; vso l.l.: 31 (at time of JRR framing) vso u.r.: (14); vso u.l.: 4725; vso c.: 4725; vso right: RED RIVER CARTS Negative and slide showing painting before 1989 conservation, T 16532 and MTL 1497. Probably shows the Overland Expedition of 1862

Rights and Licenses

Public Domain


Oil on commercial board


105 x 210 mm


Gift of J. Ross Robertson


Toronto Reference Library


Baldwin Collection

Call Number / Accession Number

JRR 3253 Cab IV (Hind) Fra