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Modernizing Medical Education


Tue Jun 12, 2018
6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
60 mins

It's impossible to know everything in medicine.

The increasing demands and outdated medical education system are creating huge challenges for the next generation of physicians, who face higher levels of burnout and isolation as a result. In part, this led to the creation of Figure 1, a global case-sharing platform for healthcare professionals.

Dr. Sharon Vorona, Medical Director of Figure 1 will discuss the importance of modernizing medical education to meet the demands of today's healthcare.

Presented as part of The Cutting Edge program series: Exploring new ideas at the intersection of health and technology. Supported by the Krembil Foundation.

Free program in Room 200. Register online starting April 6th at 9:00am by clicking on the link below. Limit 2 tickets per valid email address. Arrive early, your seat will not be guaranteed after 6:30pm on the day of the program.

Call 416-393-7610 for more information.

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