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The Controversy Between Creationism and Evolution


Tue Jan 23, 2018
6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
60 mins

Many people of religious faith value highly the account of God's creative acts in the opening chapters of the Bible. That account underlies creationism, an explanation of origins of the universe, of life, and of humans, which pretends to be scientific. Efforts failed to have creationism taught alongside evolution, which provides the accepted scientific description of how natural processes over millions of years caused all living species, including humans, to have diverged from common ancestors. This talk will discuss the importance of the doctrine of creation in Christian belief, why evolution is established as sound science, the status of creationism today, and how science need not be an obstacle to faith.

Speaker: Charles Chaffey is Professor Emeritus in Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto.

Everyone welcome. Drop in. No registration required. Free program.