Borrow a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitor

CO2 monitor and packaging

You can use a CO2 Monitor to measure indoor air quality.

Knowing the CO2 levels can help you take steps to improve ventilation and lower the risk of airborne infections. Poor ventilation has been shown to cause symptoms such as tiredness and headaches.

To learn more, download our CO2 Monitoring for Indoor Air Quality Fact Sheet (PDF).

These devices are not carbon monoxide detectors and are not life safety devices.

How to borrow

You can borrow a CO2 monitor from your nearest branch with a Digital Innovation Hub (see a map of the locations).

What's included

How the monitors work

The Aranet4 CO2 monitor is a battery-powered CO2 device that is suitable for monitoring the CO2 level at home, at the office or in any other indoor environment.

Measurement data is displayed on a power-efficient e-ink screen.

Indoor CO2 in parts per million Ventilation performance, with respect to the number and activity level of people in the space
600 or under Excellent ventilation
601 to 800 Good ventilation
801 to 1000 Fair ventilation
1001 to 5000 Poor ventilation
5,001 or over Dangerous ventilation

To learn more, download the Aranet4 carbon dioxide monitor user manual (PDF).

Tips for accurate readings

Resources and further reading

Accessibility accommodations

If you identify as a person with a disability and require an accessibility accommodation to borrow this device, please contact or call Answerline at 416-397-5981 to make a request as far in advance as possible.