The Bridge Project

The Bridge Project helps public libraries in Ontario assess and demonstrate the impact of technology services offered in Ontario public libraries. We invite you to explore this website to learn more about the project.

Phase 3 of the Bridge Project

Toronto Public Library is pleased to announce the next phase of the Bridge Project. In our continuing efforts to be responsive to the rapidly changing technology landscape, we are working closely in collaboration with Urban Libraries Council and Ontario Library Service to help Ontario public libraries understand and demonstrate the impact their technology services are having in their communities.

Phase 3 of the project is designed to build public libraries’ capacity and skill to collect, analyze and communicate data and to demonstrate public libraries’ vital role in advancing digital equity in their communities.

Announcing Phase 3 Participants

Phase 3 of the project is split into two program streams:

*Green – Stream 1, Red – Stream 2 & Blue – Stream 1&2 participating libraries.

A Shared Vision

Every Ontarian has convenient, local access to the technology they want and need, and the comfort and confidence to use it, so that they can access economic, educational, social, health and civic opportunities to achieve prosperity, advancement and overall well-being.

Project Goals and Outcomes