Getting Started with Hoopla

Hoopla lets you borrow digital music, feature films, documentaries, television series and comics to stream in your browser or enjoy offline on your phone or tablet. Music, video and comics are available for children, teens and adults.

What you need

What kind of content does Hoopla have?

We do not subscribe to the ebooks or audiobooks collections available from Hoopla. Ebooks and audiobooks can be borrowed from OverDrive, through OverDrive’s Libby app, and Cantook Station (French).

Hoopla Kids Mode

Hoopla also offers a Kids Mode setting where all content shown while in Kids Mode is deemed suitable for children 12 years and under. You will not be able to see any other content when you are in Kids Mode.

To enter Kids Mode, click on the Kids button to the right of the search box in the toolbar at the top of the page.

To enter Kids Mode in the Hoopla app, tap the KIDS button in the upper left hand corner. The button will change from KIDS OFF to KIDS ON Tap again to turn Kids Mode off again. Settings must be changed separately on your computer and in the Hoopla app.

Hoopla and your privacy

In order to access Hoopla, you will be required to create a Hoopla account. Hoopla is a third-party service that is governed by its own privacy policy and practices, not the Library's. We advise that you consult Hoopla's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before agreeing to use this service. When you register for an account, the library will only provide Hoopla with information to verify that you are eligible to borrow.

Please note, you are not required to provide your PIN when creating a Hoopla account.

Frequently asked questions

How many items can I borrow from Hoopla per month?

You can borrow 8 items per month.

When do the borrowing limits reset?

Borrowing limits reset on the first of each calendar month.

How long can I borrow items for?
Television and movies: 3 days
Music: 7 days
Comics and graphic novels: 21 days
BingePass: 7 days
Why are the loan periods for Hoopla movies, TV content and music albums shorter than those of our CDs and DVDs?

Loan periods for digital items are set by the content providers whose content is licensed by Hoopla. They are not under the library's control.

What is a BingePass?

A BingePass allows for unlimited streaming of select content for 7 days. Borrowing a BingePass counts as one checkout.

A BingePass may grant access to content outside of Hoopla. In this case, you will be taken to the content provider’s website and signed in automatically.

If I don't use all my checkouts in a month do they carry over to the next month?


Do I have to return borrowed titles?

No; titles will return automatically at the end of a loan period.

Can I return items early?

Yes, but it will not give you another checkout for that month. The only reason to return a title early is to free up space from your device or remove items you have already watched or listened to from your list of borrowed items.

What if I am unable to sign in to Hoopla?

Your library card may be blocked or expired.

If you have replaced your card since you first registered with Hoopla, you may need to update your card number in Hoopla. To do this, sign into Hoopla and click on the setting button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on the Library tab. Enter your new card number in the field where your old number displays. Select Save to save your changes.

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