Getting Started with OverDrive

View the printable handouts to get started downloading eBooks and Audiobooks. You can find more detailed help information by visiting the OverDrive website.

Getting started guides

Tablets, phones and Windows 10 computers

Content can be downloaded directly to your device using the Libby app. Downloaded titles cannot be copied to other devices.

Note: The Libby app is not yet accessible for screen readers. For an accessible app, please see the instructions below for the OverDrive app.

Dedicated eReaders, iPods and mp3 players

*Not sure if your Kobo supports direct downloads? Connect the device to a Wi-Fi network and tap the Sync button. When your Kobo has finished updating, open the menu and tap on Settings. If OverDrive is listed under Settings, then your Kobo supports direct downloads. If not, then Adobe Digital Editions is required to download and open OverDrive eBooks on your Kobo.

**Please note: OverDrive's Windows 8 & 10 app cannot be used to transfer Audiobooks to portable devices. As of September 4, 2019, the OverDrive for Mac app will no longer be available and Mac users will no longer have the option to download borrowed audiobook titles. Mac users can still stream audiobooks using OverDrive listen in a browser.

Desktop computers

Read or listen right on your computer.

  • OverDrive Read for eBooks and OverDrive Listen for Audiobooks (PDF)
  • Supported and unsupported devices

    Check the complete list of compatible devices to ensure your device works with OverDrive materials.

    Video tutorials

    View these step by step videos from OverDrive to learn how to use your particular device to browse, check out, and download ebooks.

    How eBook Borrowing Works

    You must have a valid Toronto Public Library card number and PIN to check out titles. Toronto residents who are 13 years or older who wish to use our digital resources and services can sign up online for a Digital Access Card.

    How to get or renew your library card

    Checking out materials

    You can have up to 30 titles checked out at any given time.

    The default lending period for eBooks is 21 days but can be changed at checkout or by going to Settings in your account.

    Returning materials

    Materials will expire automatically at the end of the checkout period. These items do not have to be returned and late fines are never applied.
    However, it is possible to return certain items early if you reach your checkout limit, or to make items available for other library users.

    eBooks can be returned early using whichever method was used to download them (e.g. Libby app, OverDrive app, Adobe Digital Editions). See individual device guides above or OverDrive Help for instructions on how to return eBooks.

    Renewing materials

    The option to renew will display 3 days before the current borrowing period ends. If a copy of the item is available at the time of renewal, the item will be checked out again. Any time left on the borrowing period of the original checkout will be lost. If no copies are available, a hold will be placed and the current borrowing period will not change.

    Placing holds

    OverDrive titles that are not currently available (indicated with Wait List above the cover image) can be placed on hold. You will be asked for your email address and will receive an email when the item becomes available.

    When a copy of an item that was placed on hold becomes available, it will beheld for 3 days. During this time, there is the choice to borrow, cancel or have the item delivered later. Deliver later creates a suspension of the hold for a period of your choice. Your position in the holds list will be maintained.

    If no action is taken during the 3 days, the hold will automatically be suspended for 7 days. The next time a copy of the item available for you, the hold will expire after 3 days. The courtesy automatic 7-day suspension occurs only once.

    You can have up to 30 items on hold at any given time. You cannot place a hold on an item you already have checked out.

    Suspending holds

    If you think you'll be too busy to read something if it becomes available or you want to prevent all your holds from coming in at once, you can suspend all or some of your holds.

    Login problems

    You may be unable to log in or check out items from OverDrive if:

    Account problems

    If you've replaced your TPL card but have outstanding holds on your OverDrive account, you will not see them when you log in to OverDrive. Please contact Answerline to merge your old and new accounts. Any other issues with your OverDrive account can also be sent to Answerline.


    For more information about OverDrive's accessibility features, visit OverDrive Help.

    More questions?

    See our OverDrive FAQs.

    Attend one of the library's eBook programs.

    Contact OverDrive Tech Support for help with software, downloading, error messages, and other issues.