Why am I unable to sign in to OverDrive?

Possible reasons may include:

  • Your library card has expired. Cards must be renewed once a year. To renew your card, check to see if you are eligible for online renewal, or take name and address identification to any branch.
  • There is an issue with your library account. Call or visit your local branch or contact us so we can investigate.
  • The eBook service is not able to communicate with the library's customer database to verify your login information. Temporary service disruptions of this kind usually don't last very long - try again in a few hours.
What happens if I have a problem downloading an item? Can I download it again?

If for any reason you are having trouble downloading an item, you can contact OverDrive Tech Support directly. They may have to reactivate the download for you.

Why does my hold not show in my OverDrive account when I received an email telling me it was available?

If you recently got a new library card, your OverDrive holds and checkouts may not have been transferred to the new card. Contact us and provide your library card number; we will arrange to have your record transferred to your new card.

Why can't I read eBooks on my Kindle?

The Kindle does not support the formats used by library eBook services; it is designed to work with proprietary digital rights management (DRM) technology exclusive to's online store.

Since September 2011, at some libraries in the United States, Kindle eBooks have been made available to library users using their account.

Canadian library users can download and read eBooks if they have a Kindle Fire, which is a tablet and not a dedicated eReader.

Why is some e-content not compatible with my Apple devices?

Publishers require the use of copy protection software (DRM) on some eAudiobooks, music and video. The Mac operating system does not support the type of DRM used by library eBook lending services for this content. We purchase DRM-free versions of eAudiobooks whenever they are available to us.

WMA titles marked as compatible with Apple devices (such as an iPod or iPhone) must be downloaded to a Windows PC first then transferred to the device.

You can find more detailed help information on the OverDrive website.