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Turbulent Times - 1980s to 2003

These novels are set in Toronto during the 1980s to 2003.

Macdonald, Cynthia, 1963-
Poor little rich girl Martine Craythorne, is driven to help the poor in Toronto. A quirky, charming novel, which portrays the city's wealth and poverty.
McFetridge, John, 1959-
A look behind the scenes of a movie being filmed in Little Italy. The "below the line" crewmembers are the location scouts, caterers, make-up artists, grips, gaffers and the armies of assistants who make it all happen.
Maharaj, Rabindranath, 1955-
Most of these stories explore experiences of ethnically Indian Trinidadian men who have immigrated to Toronto and its suburbs.
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Sawyer, Robert J.
Set at the Royal Ontario Museum, a dying paleontologist works alongside an alien who has come to Earth to compare the mass extinctions that have happened here and on his own planet.
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Dearing, Sarah.
Philippa Maria Donahue leaves her marriage and upscale lifestyle in Yorkville to begin a new life in the noisy, colourful Kensington Market area. Winner of the 2001 Toronto Book Award.
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Davies, Robertson, 1913-1995.
Davies' final novel features Toronto doctor Jonathan Hullah looking back on his life and career.
Carpenter, J. D.
Toronto is focused on baseball during the World Series in October 1992, as Detective Sergeant Campbell Young pursues a poet who is murdering the editors who have rejected his work, one by one.
Aubert, Rosemary.
Toronto's intricate and unique ravine system features largely in this tale of a disgraced judge, now a recluse living in the Don Valley, who finds a severed hand wearing a gold ring that he recognizes.
Helwig, Maggie, 1961-
The city faces the possibility of a terrorist attack after girls faint in the subway.
Moritsugu, Kim, 1954-
Having returned to her parents' home in Rose Park (read Rosedale/Moore Park) after a failed marriage, Blithe takes on a local history research project, thereby uncovering truths about a long-rumoured buried treasure.
Findley, Timothy.
Satiric darkness pervades this book as former librarian and erstwhile psychic Lilah Kemp unleashes a lethal evil in the form of Kurtz, from Conrad's Heart of Darkness.
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Wright, Eric, 1929-
Second in a series featuring Joe Barley, English professor and part-time private detective. This time, Joe is tracking a possible missing manuscript by a young Ernest Hemingway all across Toronto.
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Fielding, Joy.
A novel set during Toronto's International Film Festival! Divorcee Cindy Carver must deal with old wounds and new turmoil when her daughter, Julia, an aspiring actress, goes missing.
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Dunford, Warren, 1963-
Struggling gay Toronto screenwriter Mitchell Draper is on the lookout for material to create a blockbuster film script.
MacKay, Scott, 1957-
Toronto detective Barry Gilbert must solve the murder of Glen Boyd, once the most successful rock music promoter and agent in Canada.
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Jones, Daniel, 1959-
This story collection chronicles Toronto's punk and poetry scene of the 1980s. Set in places such as Sneaky Dee's and The Rivoli, the stories evoke the troubled lives of artists and the art they create.
Den Hartog, Kristen, 1965-
A Vancouver children's author on her way to visit her dying mother stops in Toronto and finds herself coming to terms with her difficult childhood and the memory of her identical twin.
Levine, Elise.
This first novel by short story writer Levine is set in the hip urban core of Toronto, and in the city's outlying areas.
Atwood, Margaret, 1939-
Three friends in Toronto have a common enemy, a female version of Grimm's "robber bridegroom."
Fiorito, Joe, 1948-
Concert pianist Dominic Amoruso mysteriously disappears during a private recital in Toronto. Winner of 2003 Toronto Book Award.
Shields, Carol.
Shields's final novel is set in Toronto's streets.