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Toronto Islands

Books set on the Toronto Islands

Fleming, Anne, 1964-
Set in the 1970s as the city evolved, Glynnis Riggs takes her albino sister, Carol, for show and tell in Grade Two, and sets off a chain of events that ends with Glynnis in hospital and their normally unflappable mother in crisis. For elderly neighbour Miss Balls, the accident is a happy one. Since her ousting from the Girl Guides, she's been languishing, rehashing memories of nursing in World War I. Now she's needed again.
Dixit, Jonathan Martin, author.
Toronto, September 2067. Ten percent of babies born are SMARTED; physically, emotionally and sexually they grow at normal rates, but cognitively they develop so fast that by six years old they graduate university and enter the heavily-taxed workforce. Sinika Reichman is a nine-and-a-half-year-old lawyer put in charge of a case of a raped and murdered, non-smarted, five-year-old girl. By venturing out to Adult Island (old Centre Island), where children are not allowed, she discovers the true culprit, the core secrets about her neo-Dickensian society and her family's dysfunction.
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Redhill, Michael, 1966-
Professor David Hollis before he throws himself off a ferry into the frigid waters of Lake Ontario. A renowned professor of "forensic geology," David leaves in his wake both a historical mystery and an academic scandal. He postulated that on the site where a sports arena is about to be built lie the ruins of a Victorian boat containing an extraordinary treasure: a strongbox full of hundreds of never-seen photographs of early Toronto, a priceless record of a lost city. His colleagues, however, are convinced that he faked his research materials.
Humphreys, Helen, 1961-
Set in the Depression, this novel tells the story of Willa and Grace, two female pilots pilot a plane in circles above Toronto, trying to break a record by staying aloft 25 days without landing. The effects on the women and on one little girl following them from below are beautifully detailed.
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Moss, John, 1940-
Detective Miranda Quin of the Toronto Police Service takes time off to write a mystery in the tropics and gets trapped in a sinister plot with global implications. Her partner in homicide, David Morgan, is left alone to resolve the case of a beautiful corpse on a Toronto Island yacht and ends up precariously compromised in the mysterious North. Their stories converge when they both return to Toronto. They discover themselves trapped in a labyrinth of deadly complexity.
Atwood, Margaret, 1939- author.
Three women are haunted by their relationships with Zenia--a beautiful but evil college friend. One of the trio, Charis, lives in a home on Toronto Island.
Hood, Hugh.
In the 1930s, Matt Goderich's family runs a bar in Jackson's Point and later a Toronto Island hotel. Winner of 1976 Toronto Book Award.