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Books set in Toronto's Scarborough.

Jalaluddin, Uzma, author.
This modern update of Pride and Prejudice sees poet and teacher Ayesha struggling with her attraction to smart, attractive, conservative, judgmental Khalid.
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Powell, Betsy.
In the city's east end, two gangs emerge from a background of poverty, drugs and abuse. The turf war between the Galloway Boys and the Malvern Crew was inevitable and disastrous, with casualties that would force the city to take a closer took at the urban violence that continues to plague Scarborough.
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Chariandy, David, 1969- author.
The dreams of two Trinidadian-Canadian brothers are shattered by a tragic shooting and the police crackdown that follows.
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Bailey, Mathis, author.
Pierre moves from Detroit to Toronto with his fiance with dreams of a culinary career. Soon, however, he finds himself attracted to a neighbour in his Scarborough apartment building. As Pierre teaches Vijay the fundamentals of cooking, their relationship grows--could it ever turn into something more than friendship?
Cain, R. D. (Richard D.)
Former police detective Steve Nastos teams up with a lawyer to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl.
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O'Neill, John, 1959-
Leonard Edison's wife has a premonition that her husband will die before his next birthday. He responds with the animal instinct of fight-or-flight - having an affair with a former student, engaging in a series of petty crimes, and even flirts with the shadowy Toronto Goth world. While he soars towards a new life that might slow the advance of fate, he finds that fate keeps changing its many bird-like appearances.
Honsinger, Adam Lindsay, 1963- author.
It's 1978. With Elvis dead and family dysfunction hitting a new high, 16-year-old Kepler Pressler spirals out of control. A plan to free chimpanzees from the zoo results in Kepler's own incarceration--in a mental hospital where he tries to sort things out.
Selvadurai, Shyam, 1965-
As Shivan prepares to return to Sri Lanka to bring his sick grandmother home with him to Toronto, he looks back at his childhood growing up in a country of deep rooted political, racial and sexual tensions, and how it has shaped who he is as a man years later.
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Ganeshananthan, V. V.
When Yalini arrives to care for her dying uncle in Toronto's east end, she is forced to review her Tamil family's history of violence and loss, ultimately understanding that the political unrest her parents escaped was never too far behind.
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Lubiw-Hazard, Nadja, 1965- author.
Suleiman, Ori, and Tiffany are strangers living in a Kingston Road motel coping with loneliness, grief and abandonment. Their lives are changed when they come together to care for abandoned kittens.
Kankesan, Koom.
Thambi is a good Sri Lankan son, but the re-appearance of his long-absent father and his growing feelings for a white Canadian colleague complicate his sense of family, culture and obligation.
Hernandez, Catherine, 1977- author.
Life in Scarborough is seen through the eyes and stories of a group of diverse members of the community.
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Chariandy, David, 1969-
Moving between a quiet home not far from the Scarborough Bluffs and a childhood in Trinidad, Chariandy explores the intricate relationship between a son and his ailing mother as she descends deeper into dementia.
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Rotenberg, Robert, 1953-
A high-profile Crown Prosecutor is found murdered in a motel on the Kingston road motel strip in Scarborough.
Leung, Carrianne author.
This series of linked short stories explores the lives of the neighbours in a newly created subdivision in Scarborough in the 1970s. The freshly built houses are populated mainly by newcomers whose hopes, dreams and disappointments are revealed in the stories.
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Leung, Carrianne author.
On the inside, Miramar Woo is a kick-ass kung fu heroine with rock star flash, sassy attitude, and an insatiable appetite for adventure, but she is forced to watch helplessly as her family unravels in the aftermath of her father's unexpected death. As her siblings are swept up into the fantastic world of fame and fortune and her mother fights off madness, Miramar is left behind, feeling talentless and abandoned with no idea who she really is or who she wants to become.