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Retirement Planning

Biscott, Lynn, 1950- author.
Statistics Canada reports that retirees will soon outnumber newcomers to Canada's workforce. Biscott provides practical advice on managing financial resources as Baby Boomers shift from planning for retirement to living it.
Tang, Lee, 1951- author.
Covering the Canada Pension Plan, provincial plans and supplements, this title explains eligibility and application for government pensions, how to maximize your pension, minimize claw backs, and save taxes.
Trahair, David, author.
Are you nervous about entrusting your finances to the stock market? Trahair provides tips on securing a comfortable retirement through saving, paying down debt, making safe investments, and avoiding scams.
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Roy, Daniel, 1960- author.
Roy provides counsel on both financial planning and how to spend your time with purpose to reduce the anxiety and boredom which frequently accompany this major life transition.
Vettese, Fred, 1953-
Toronto author Vettese debunks misinformation surrounding retirement planning and explains how to rethink income targets, predict spending changes, and plan for the day when you can no longer manage your own money.
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Vaz-Oxlade, Gail, author.
There is no one-size-fits-all retirement plan. Trusted financial writer Vaz-Oxlade walks you through the steps of establishing a plan tailored for your needs.
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Trahair, David, author.
Trahair advises those who are nearing retirement on how to track spending patterns, budget effectively, maximize savings and plan for imminent life changes.
Allen, Catherine (Writer on retirement), author.
This book offers Boomers a practical guide to transitioning from full employment to retirement, from understanding today's workplace to making your money last, simplifying your life and leaving a legacy.
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Pape, Gordon, author.
Canadians without work pensions must rely on Registered Retirement Savings Plans. Bestselling author Gordon Pape explains how to set up and maintain a plan which will provide solid returns, and how to transition to an RRIF.
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Drak, Mike, author.
Toronto authors Drak and Chevreau describe how increased life expectancy has changed retirement. They will help you design a post-employment lifestyle which blends work and leisure to provide a fulfilling and sustainable future.
Diamond, Daryl, 1953- author.
A prolonged period of low interest rates plus changes to the Canada Pension Plan have threatened retirement funds. Diamond provides strategies to maximize your finances by combining government and personal income sources.