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Read Alikes: The Couple Next Door

Shari Lapena's The Couple Next Door was released in July 2016 and quickly became a best seller. The books on this list will help you find your next domestic noir thriller.

In Yorkshire, Alice Lake takes in and cares for a man who has lost his memory. In London, Lily Monrose's husband of two weeks disappears, but the police say that he never existed. Lily finally determines that her husband is not who he said he was. Meanwhile, twenty-three years earlier, teenage siblings Gray and Kirsty encounter a mysterious man during their summer at the seaside. These three plotlines converge with twists and turns right up to the end.
In this follow-up to I Let You Go (2016), Zoe Walker's daily train ride home becomes a nightmare when she sees a picture of herself in an ad in the local paper with a phone number to call. When other women who have appeared in the same ad become the victims of violent crimes, Zoe is sure she will be the next victim.
In this follow-up to The Girl on the Train (2014), Jules Abbott returns to her small hometown of Beckford after her older sister Nel dies in the Drowning Pool, a part of the river where many women have died. Have these deaths been suicides or murders? The investigation into Nel's death brings many secrets to the surface.
When Caitlin Ekhart's six-year old stepson disappears at the school fair, her husband becomes suspicious after discovering a secret from her past. Caitlin investigates Geordie's disappearance on her own and discovers that other family members have secrets of their own.
When Estelle's seven month old baby vanishes from her Brooklyn apartment, Estelle desperately searches for clues to her disappearance. With no evidence of an abduction, Estelle gradually becomes the prime suspect.
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Jenna lives with a constant feeling of guilt because her friend Celia disappeared while on her way to meet Jenna three months ago. When Jenna's son's mysterious new girlfriend also disappears, Jenna's search for answers unveils startling and damaging secrets.
When Jean Taylor's husband Glen is accused of abducting a two-year old girl she supports him through the trial as well as the years of media attention. Now that Glen is dead, journalists want to know what Jean really knows and what really happened behind their closed doors.
Travel writer Lo Blacklock departs on a luxury cruise ship despite having just survived a brutal home invasion. When the woman in the cabin next to her vanishes overnight, Lo reports that she heard screams and a splash. She is informed that all passengers are accounted for and that the woman next to her did not exist. On her own, Lo looks for answers despite the danger involved.