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Personal Finance

Taylor, Kerry K.
Packed with ideas, information, tips and tricks that range from long term savings to instant cash in your pocket, 397 Ways to Save Money makes budgeted living easy -- and even fun. Learn how to find thousands of dollars in savings.
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Trahair, David.
Helping you break asset addiction, get out of debt, and increase your personal cash flow and your wealth with it, Cash Cows, Pigs and Jackpots explains how bringing more cash into your life and watching carefully where it goes will allow you to save more, live the life you want, and avoid as much risk as possible.
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O'Leary, Kevin, 1954-
A bestselling author, television star and successful businessman, Kevin O'Leary understands the difficulties of raising a family while working to provide financial security. He walks you through every age and stage of life--from dating, to marrying, to raising a family, to retiring--offering critical advice about saving and spending, debt and credit, as well as tips on how to instill the value of money in every member of your family.
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Roseman, Ellen, 1947-
Money-saving advice from Canada′s leading consumer advocate. In this book Ellen Roseman distills the financial advice she gives in her columns and blogs into 81 quick tips that all Canadians can use to help them spend sensibly, save money, and avoid costly consumer traps.
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Gebert, Kevin, 1972- author.
Financial Fotographs will help you tell financial stories, learn from lessons of the past and paint a brighter picture of the future from a financial planning perspective. It will help you share conversations you wish your parents had with you about money. It will empower your family to have a healthy attitude about the financial aspects of life and provide new insights, knowledge, and skills.
Potter, Sarah, author.
To earn a living as a trader, even part time, takes consistency. Most first-time investors find today's turbulent markets are anything but consistent. To keep from throwing your money away following obsolete trading strategies, you need a seasoned mentor like Sarah Potter to provide the latest insight, training, techniques, and action steps to become the trader you want to be.
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Speziale, Robin R., 1987- author, interviewer.
Market Masters contains timeless advice on how to beat the market that will entertain, inform, and empower generations of Canadian investors. Learn proven investing strategies, processes, and approaches that you can easily apply to the market to make your winnings more plentiful, predictable, and profitable.
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Vaz-Oxlade, Gail, author.
With over seventy-five different scenarios drawn from years of working with real Canadians, Gail helps readers see their own situations through stories that reflect what they're experiencing. Then she gives readers the language to negotiate effectively, showing them that for each problem there are steps they can take to find a solution.
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Keehn, Kelley, 1975- author.
This practical guide will help you take action against fraud and identity theft.
Pape, Gordon.
In this completely revised and updated edition, Gordon Pape provides clear and easy-to-understand advice to help you get the most from your TFSA and how to get started if you haven't yet opened an account. With details of rule changes, investment strategies, and pitfalls to avoid, Tax-Free Savings Accounts shows you how to maximize your investment, correctly manage withdrawals, successfully understand fees so you won't get hit with unexpected charges, and much more.
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Duncan, Garry R., author.
This book is a guide on how to minimize taxes on death. Set up as a practical workbook, this guide educates readers using a simplified explanation of a rather complex area of tax for the non-professional; it describes the tax implications of death. The benefit to the reader is an improved understanding of what estate planning is, and the opportunity to plan an effective tax strategy to enhance the estate's net worth and minimize taxes on death.