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A list of recent and notable LGBTQ books for adults, teens and children, to celebrate Pride Month which begins June 1.

Alameddine, Rabih, author.
The Yemeni-born poet Ya'qub/Jacob recalls the events of his life over the course of one evening, from his colourful childhood in Cairo to San Francisco at the height of AIDS, in the waiting room of a psychiatric clinic in Rabih Alameddine's haunting novel of remembrance. ~Adult Fiction~
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Whittall, Zoe, author.
A picture-perfect, all-American family is shattered when the father, a respected science teacher, is arrested for sexual assault and loyalties are questioned in Toronto author Whittall's keenly observed new novel. ~Adult Fiction~
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Schwalbe, Will, author.
Spanning centuries and genres, from classics to cookbooks, NYT bestselling author Schwalbe's latest work is an exuberant celebration of reading - a modern day guidebook to living a richer, more fully human life. ~Adult Non-Fiction~
Connelly, Karen, 1969- author.
Fulfilled in every way but one, Eliza Keenan, mother to two young sons, successful businesswoman, and loving wife, discovers the glories of sexual satisfaction without shame when she encounters a tall, striking woman, she nicknames "the Amazon", at a community centre pool in Connelly's latest work, a rousing affirmation of female sexuality. ~Adult Fiction~
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Thom, Kai Cheng, author.
Montréal author Kai Cheng Thom's debut novel is a vivid, technicolour work of magical realism; a fictionalized "memoir" of a young Asian trans girl, who happens to be a pathological liar/kung fu expert, leaving her abusive family home to join a gang of fabulous trans misfits. ~Adult Fiction~
Haddad, Saleem, author.
The complex topic of gay life in the Arab world is examined in Haddad's evocative debut novel, which follows a pivotal day in the life of Rasa, an American-educated young Arab man. Discovered in bed with his male lover by his grandmother, he must now navigate a new world in which he realizes everything he loves can be taken away from him. ~Adult Fiction~
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Jackson, Graham, 1949-
A provocative coming-of-age novel set in a very recognizable 1960s suburban Toronto, which charts the gradual emotional and sexual awakening of sixteen, soon to be seventeen-year old, Neil Bennett. ~Adult Fiction~
Okonkwo, Joe, author.
The Harlem Renaissance and Jazz Age Paris are the mythical settings of Okonkwo's confident debut, which centers on Ben Charles, a hard-working and hard-living African-American aspiring poet, who travels far away from home to find his authentic self. ~Adult Fiction~
Rivera, Gabby, author.
Moving to Portland, Oregon from the loving home of her Puerto Rican family in the Bronx to intern with her favourite feminist author, nineteen year old Juliet Palante, must navigate the intricacies of this gayer, artsier, "crunchier" new world in Gabby Rivera's powerful celebration of chubby, queer brown girls everywhere. ~Adult Fiction~
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Deschamps, David, author.
A meticulously-researched reference work which synthesizes up-to-the-minute statistics to create a much-needed, multidimensional portrait of LGBTQ life today, covering topics from family and marriage, workplace discrimination, education, youth, criminal justice, immigration and current laws to the often perilous conditions of LGBTQ people around the globe. ~Adult Non-Fiction~
Boylan, Jennifer Finney, 1958- author.
By testifying to the innocence of an old friend charged with a decades-old murder, Judith Carrigan's career and family life could be destroyed if long-held secrets are brought to light in Boylan's engrossing new thriller. ~Adult Fiction~
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Irani, Anosh, 1974- author.
The "parcel" in Vancouver author Irani's searing new novel is a pre-teen Nepalese girl from the provinces in India, who must be groomed for her fate as a prostitute by the reluctant protagonist, Madhu, a former sex worker and transgender "hijra" in Bombay's Kamathipura Red Light District. ~Adult Fiction~
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McCaskell, Tim, 1951- author.
In his forty years as a tireless social activist, veteran Tim McCaskell has seen queer people in Canada transform from virulently reviled social pariahs to "respectable" model citizens. How this happened, why this happened, and where we go from here is the subject of this indispensable historical account of LGBTQ politics by someone who was there on the frontlines. ~Adult Non-Fiction~
Hernandez, Catherine, 1977- author.
Like the eponymous hardscrabble suburb in which it is set, Hernandez's Scarborough is polyphonic; a novel of profound empathy told in multiple, diverse voices. ~Adult Fiction~
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Schine, Cathleen, author.
Newly widowed matriarch, the fiercely independent but struggling 86 year old Joy Bergman, unexpectedly reconnects with an old love while her mostly well-meaning adult children, Daniel and Molly, scramble to take charge in Schine's laugh-out-loud novel about intergenerational family dynamics. ~Adult Fiction~
Bledsoe, Lucy Jane, author.
Based loosely on the life of a favourite aunt, the author's namesake, Lucybelle Bledsoe is a brilliant, visionary climate scientist who must hide her sexuality or risk her career in McCarthyite Cold War America. ~Adult Fiction~
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Goldhill, Simon, author.
A psychobiography of the very fascinating and very queer (in all senses of that word) Benson family, whose illustrious members included patriarch, Edward White Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury during Queen Victoria's reign, and children E. F. Benson, author of the much-loved Mapp and Lucia novels, and Margaret Benson, the first female Egyptologist. ~Adult Non-Fiction~
Core, Leopoldine, 1985- author.
An emotionally raw debut collection of nineteen short stories set in and around New York City, most involving only two characters, penned in the up-and-coming author's fresh and unique narrative voice. ~Adult Fiction~
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Jones, Cleve, author.
Recently turned into an ABC miniseries, When We Rise is not just an account of Cleve Jones' own remarkable life (he conceived the AIDS memorial quilt, among a million other things), but in its pages is a sweeping history of the LGBTQ civil rights movement in America itself. ~Adult Non-Fiction~
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O'Leary, Sara, author.
When a teacher asks her class to talk about what makes their family special, one little girl worries that her family is too different. But the responses are all different - one child was raised by a grandmother, one has two dads and one has many stepsiblings. A warm look at all types of families and a message that love makes a family truly special. ~Children's Picture Book~
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Donoghue, Emma, 1969- author.
The Lotterys family consists of two moms, two dads and seven kids living in a Victorian Gothic mansion in Toronto. Nine-year old Sumac thinks her family is perfectly normal until their grandfather Grumps comes to stay creating even more chaos their already chaotic family life. ~Children's Fiction~
Clarke, Cat, author.
Liv (not Olivia) knows he was always meant to be a boy but when he attends a new school with a strict dress code he can't wear pants, only skirts. Liv sets off on a mission to change the policy and to find the courage to come out as transgender. ~Children's Fiction~
Newman, Lesléa, author.
Casey loves blocks, puzzles and trucks but he also likes things that sparkle and glitter. When his sister Jessie shows off her new shimmery skirt, Casey wants to wear one too. But Jessie isn't too happy that her brother wants to wear girl things. A great story about gender expression and sibling acceptance. ~Children's Picture Book~
Russo, Meredith, author.
A great big, tender-hearted, and multiple award-winning Young Adult novel about Amanda Hardy, a newly transplanted big city trans girl coming of age in small-town Tennessee, dealing with typical teenage dramas like pot, promposals, hormones, secretive friends, and her very first romantic relationship. ~Teen Fiction~
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Sáenz, Benjamin Alire, author.
Sal used to know his place with his adoptive gay father, their loving Mexican American family, and his best friend, Samantha. But senior year is complicated - his grandmother is dying, he is terrified of opening a letter written to him by his birth mother and there's an anger inside him ready to blow. ~Teen Fiction~
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Daniels, April (Young adult author), author.
After inheriting the powers of Dreadnought, the world's greatest and recently deceased superhero, Danny's dream of having a girl's body has come true. But life is now more complicated than ever with tensions with her father, her best friend and other fellow superheroes, plus Dreadnought's murderer is still on the loose threatening absolute destruction. ~Teen Fiction~
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