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Kensington Market

Books set in Toronto's Kensington Market.

Rakoff, Alvin.
The story of Leonard Abelson and his Eastern European Jewish immigrant family living above in Toronto's Kensington Market during the Great Depression.
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Fagan, Cary.
Benjamin Kleeman comes of age in 1934 Toronto as the city recovers from the lingering effects of the Great Depression and Adolf Hitler rises to power in Europe.
Meyer, Vivian, 1958-
In her fast-paced mystery Bottom Bracket , author Vivian Meyer gives us an inside look at alternative lifestyles in Toronto's colourful Kensington Market neighbourhood.
Akler, Howard, 1969-
March 6, 1934. Hundreds gather outside City Hall to celebrate the Toronto Centenary. In the crowd, pickpocket Mona Kantor and her partner, Chesler, are 'in the tip,' finding easy pickings among the jostling masses. Eli Morenz, city man for the Daily Star, is covering the festivities and uncovering the pickpocket racket working the scene. A surreptitious photo and some keen research lead him to an underworld dive in Kensington Market where Toronto's pickpockets converge - and to Mona.
Dearing, Sarah.
The story starts with a bored thirtysomething housewife who's constantly referred to as Mrs. Philippa Maria Donahue hearing a message from the entrails of a dead fish in Kensignton Market: "Leave your husband. Leave him now."
Bugg, Liz, 1949-
A private investigator goes undercover to investigate irregularities at a high profile advertising agency in the second Calli Barnow mystery.
Bugg, Liz, 1949-
Private investigator Calli Barnow searches for a missing young woman. But is the girl actually missing or just avoiding the family members who disapprove of her relationship with a woman.
Dixon, Sean.
A diverse group of characters are affected by a proposed condo development in Kensington Market.
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Doctorow, Cory.
Not-quite-human Alan buys a house in Kensington Market and becomes immersed in the lives of his neighbours.
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Jackman, Mary (Mary Elizabeth)
When her chef becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a Kensington Market butcher, a restaurateur gets involved in the investigation.
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Warsh, Sylvia Maultash.
A Kensington Market doctor becomes the target of a killer after one of her patients is murdered.
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Brand, Dionne, 1953-
What We All Long For follows the overlapping stories of a close circle of second-generation twenty-somethings living in downtown Toronto.
Bugg, Liz, 1949-
A high school friend asks PI Calli Barnow to investigate her mother's mugging and subsequent death.
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Redhill, Michael, 1966- author.
A woman fears for her sanity--and then her life--when she learns that her doppelganger has appeared in a local park.
Davis, Lauren B., 1955- author.
The guardian of a magical bookstore sets out on a quest to rescue her brother from the influence of a mysterious - and deadly - addiction.
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Jaffe, Ellen S., 1945-
It's the first Hanukkah since the death of Sarah's little brother, and her parents don't want to celebrate as usual. But when Sarah lights the menorah,she's transported back in time to her cultural roots.